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outsourcingWhat does it mean? The term had been used for the first time in 1979 and referred to buying German projects by the British automotive industry. The very conception had been actually invited earlier, namely, in 1923 by Henry Ford, who held that:
“If there is a thing that we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper or better than a competition, there is no point in doing it further – we should hire the one who does it better than we do.”

Outsourcing functions as a sort of abbreviation of outside-resource-using, which means taking an advantage of out-sources. It enables full concentration on processes related to management oriented to particular company’s targets.To put it simply, outsourcing is the execution of a project given us by you as well as entrusted tasks in the area of marketing, in terms of long-lasting cooperation. To clarify further, it is “to a transfer your marketing ward of your company to our place”. Not only do our Clients strive for achieving success, but even we strive for making your incomes successful. Permanent order enables greater focus on strategic target, and better knowledge about a company, whom we are working for.

The most important reasons for applying outsourcing are the opportunities:

• reduction of operational expense control
• obtaining the access to the best productive powers
• making available our resources toward other aims
• obtaining resources that are out of reach of an industry
• accelerate the potential benefits of restructuring
• dealing with the difficult function which appears to be impossible to be controlled
• capital gaining
•risk assessment
• incomes assessment

The research made in 2002 by Information Week, with regards to 700 Industries in the United States indicates more than 60% respondents pointed out economy as the main outsourcing aspect. More than half of the respondents listed out operational specialization and working matters.

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